iPhone 13 Cases with Card Holder and Kickstand

It’s been a few months since the iPhone 13 series have been released. So I believe that you have got your new iPhone. Like millions of other people, when dropping money on that premium device, you will definitely keep it safe from harm on all sides, since according to Apple’s terms of warranty, if your screen is broken, you need to spend about $220 to $350 to repair or replace. No one would like to spend extra bucks to repair, hence, you will definitely buy a iPhone 13 case as well. But here comes another problem. When you search online, you’ll see that there is iPhone 13 case, iPhone 13 wallet case or iPhone 13 flip case etc., you may already dazzled before making decision. So recommendation is needed. Please have a look at out picks, all are leather cases with kickstand and card holders for iPhone 13; if you like luxury aesthetic, you should not miss this! We choose them base on a very essential factor: your need on card slot, kickstand, wrist strap or design. There are mainly three types, which cover most common leather wallet cases for iPhone 13 you could see online.

  1. iPhone 13 case with kickstand and card holder- basic and slim version


As you can see, these three iPhone 13 leather cases with card holder and kickstand are simple and slim, if you are those who want protection to your phone but don’t like bulky case, this is the one! A good case protects your investment and it can also dress up your iPhone’s look. Made from premium PU leather, the soft and sleek finish will catch your attention. These cases are shockproof and anti-scratched, sturdy and durable, fully protect your iPhone 13. And the raised edge is designed to protect the camera lens and screen; the card slots enable you to place daily cards and leave your wallet at home. And they also offer many colors to match your style. It’s most suitable for those like carrying some daily cards with the case, convenient and protective! Please click the links to check more details:

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  1. iPhone 13 wallet case with kickstand and card slots-keep essential accessories in the same place

Some of you may have a lot clutters to carry on daily routine, so they may need to carry a bag and a wallet, but carrying both a phone case and a wallet can be a hassle, especially for those who like travel light. Hence, a iPhone 13 wallet case is recommended. For most wallet cases, they can accommodate 4-6 cards, which is precisely the number of your daily cards. If you value convenience, you should not miss these!


These are all iPhone 13 leather wallet cases. Made from premium PU leather, they feels soft to the touch. They also come with raised edge to avoid wear and tear to the camera lens and screen. Most importantly, the card slots and pocket wallet bellow enable you to go outside without extra wallet. Life will be simpler and convenient. It’s no doubt that the wrist strap is a plus. You can hang the case on your wrist to use as a wallet and you are less likely to drop, it’s perfect for those who value convenience but need to carry a lot clutters in daily commute. The first wallet case with card holder also comes with a make up mirror, if you are looking for girly things, have a look at it. The others are detachable wallet case for iPhone 13, which means you can attach it to use as a wallet and detach it to use wireless charging, very considerate!

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  1. iPhone 13 flip case with kickstand and card slots-unique design

If you think the above cases are too common, then you can’t really go wrong with this iPhone 13 flip case ! Unlike the other common leather wallet cases with card holders, the card slots of this one are at the back. You don’t need to flip the front folio to use your phone, super convenient! But you don’t have to worry about the screen being broken even when facing down, since the edge is designed to be higher to avoid daily wear and tear to the screen. You may find that there may not so many people using this type of case for their iPhone 13. It’s built for those who want a protective and stylish case.


Made from PU leather, they feels soft to the touch and the unique flip stand will catch your attention. There are 3-5 card slots at the back, where you can place your daily cards, ID or cash, but won’t feel bulky. Meanwhile, these flip wallet case can also be folded into a stand with adjustable angle, enabling you to read your iPhone 13’s content in comfort. It’s perfect for watching movies or other activities that need using mobile phone for a long time. These iPhone 13 flip cases with card holder are built to relax your hands! And the wrist strap is a plus! You can hang it on your wrist and go, the wallet or bag is no longer a necessity. Four colors available; choose one that suits your iPhone 13 best. Please click the links to check more detail:

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Those are mainly leather cases  available for iPhone 13, if you like leather aesthetic and value convenience, these wallet cases with card holders and kickstand is the one! Or if you want embroidered cases or other, please check https://www.eavta.com/collections/iphone-13-case for more information.

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