iPhone 12 Wallet Case with Kickstand and Card Holder

Got your hands on an iPhone 12? One of the most difficult decisions to make is to get the right case for it. You may doubt that is it necessary to buy a case for iPhone 12? Yes! According to  Apple’s terms of warranty, if the screen is broken accidentally, you need to spend about $220 or about to repair or replace it. No one would like to spend extra bucks on it, so a case is built to help you save that kind of cost. But here comes another question, there are thousands of cases available, which case should be chosen? If you have a lot of things to carry around on daily routine, a wallet case is recommended. Although luxurious and feature-rich, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 display doesn’t easily fit in the pocket along with a thick wallet. Moreover, stuffing them in your backpack makes them hard to reach. That’s where the wallet cases come to your rescue. They offer a blend of smartphone and wallet in a compact, handy package, making it easier to tote around without adding the bulk.

However, it’s still too difficult to get a right wallet case for your iPhone 12 since when you search online , most are just common wallet case with kickstand. If you like standing out in the crowd, you can’t really go wrong with these flip iPhone 12 wallet cases from Eavta, which card slots are at the back while others are in front.

1. iPhone 12 Wallet Case with Kickstand, Card Holder and Magnetic Clasp flip leather case

Want to own a case that stands out in the crowd? Does a small, handy book flip interest you? If yes, then my friend, you should not miss this! The back two-layered leather flip can house up to 5 cards and boast a separate pocket to stash some cash. Simplify your daily routine by keeping essential accessories in one handy unit! Unlike the other wallet cases for iPhone 12, it’s a snap-on case, you don’t need to turn on the front folio to use your phone, super convenient! And the flips can be unfolded into different angle to use . With its unique design and wallet function, it’s built for those who want a case that can protect their iPhone 12 and add style. Along with that, it doubles as a landscape stand to allow hands-free viewing. Choose one from a choice of 5 colors.

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2. iPhone 12 Wallet Case with Kickstand, Card Holder, RFID Block and Wrist Strap Flip Protective  Phone Case

Unlike the previous one, there is only one flip at the back; but it can accommodate up to 6 cards or some cash, it’s definitely enough for daily commute. The magnetic clasp ensures the belongings are securely hold. Life will be simpler by keeping all the clutters in one handy iPhone 12 wallet case! Most importantly, it is designed with RFID shielding technology that can block RFID signal and protect privacy. Crafted from premium leather, the silky, soft-touch finish of the exterior feels great in your hand. Along with that, it can be folded into a stand with different angle, allowing you to read the your iPhone 12’s content in comfort. The wrist strap is a plus! Hang it on your wrist and you’re less likely to drop. When you’re out or about, hang it on your wrist and go, wallet or bag is no longer a necessity. 4 colors available, choose one that serves you best.

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There are thousands of wallet cases available, why these are special? Because their wallets are at the back. This is the one for those who want convenience, protection and uniqueness in a handy iPhone 12 wallet case with kickstand. If you want other options, please check our website: https://www.eavta.com/collections/iphone-12-case

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